Living with a mental illness is stressful not only to the consumer but also for the consumer’s family. Our goal is to provide the consumer and the consumer’s family with quality care and support to assist in the road to wellness and recovery. Our staff is compassionate and is here to provide services to those in our community who live daily with the challenges of a mental illness. We are here to serve.


Mission Statement

Eastside’s mission is to provide accessible, cost effective and high quality services to persons with a serious mental illness living in Alabama’s eastern Jefferson, Blount and St. Clair counties.

Services will be based on attaining the greatest degree of independent living in the least restrictive environment. Services will focus on recovery, customer satisfaction, and be provided with respect and dignity.

Staff are the center’s most valuable resource and will be treated fairly in an environment that encourages their input and promotes their personal and professional growth. Staff reflect the center’s ideals of teamwork and high ethical and professional standards.


Eastside Performance Reports

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2014 DMH Certification Report2014 Annual Service Report
Governing Board100
Mental Illness Staff100
Quality Assurance100
Consultation & Education100
Assertive Community Treatment100
Adult Rehabilitative Day Program100
Jeff. Co. Adult96
Jeff. Co. Children100
Blount Co. Adult97
Blount Co. Children100
St. Clair Co. Adult100
St. Clair Co. Children100
Tarrant Child Day Treatment100

Eastside is in Contract Compliance with Hospital Discharge Follow-Up.

 Services Provided 
Total Consumers Served3581
Total Consumers Admitted1636
Total Consumers Terminated1425
Adult (19yrs +)2594
Child & Adolescent987
Seriously Mentally Ill97%
Intensive Outpatient Treatment Services
Assertive Community Treatment Team39
Adult Rehabilitation Day Program64
Tarrant School Day Treatment25
Crisis Intervention Team78
Consumers with Psychiatric Hospitalization
State Hospital Discharge Referrals80
Other Psychiatric Hospital Discharge Referrals312
Readmission to State Hospital within 30 Days0
History of Psychiatric Hospitalization1072
Outpatient Commitments23